Process Passport Inc. has developed the first affordable, full featured PLM in the history of PLM!

Located near Austin Texas, the Process Passport team has been in the PLM/DMS Solutions industry for over 25 years, working as consultants for top tier Document Management and CAD Management systems with companies in the United States and Worldwide. Our solution (Office PLM) was developed as a less costly alternative PLM system with all the core necessities as well as some nice features we have added from our experience in the industry.

Office PLM is designed to offer a single unified platform that brings together key functions of a business. From CAD management to BOM Management, Document control, Change Management, Revision Control and ERP Integration. Office PLM integrates many of the most important business functions into a single package that allows management and employees alike to view critical data and perform crucial functions through a single platform.


Auto ECO Process 

Document Management

CAD and other Integrations

Bill of Material Management

Work Flow & Change Management

Part Master & Revision Control

Overview of Office PLM

President/CEO of Process Passport Inc. Philip Thurman provides an overview of the benefits and features of Office PLM


One of the major benefits of Office PLM software is its capacity to automate some of the most time-consuming and labor-consuming business functions. Day-to-day tasks such as data entry and the filing and flagging of routine documentation (such as quality control records) can all increasingly be automated by powerful Office PLM software.


Office PLM software allows the consolidation of many different types of Engineering data onto a single platform. Everything from Part Masters to Supporting Documents and Customer data to Quality Control Testing data can be integrated, stored, and analyzed using Office PLM.


Compliance with industry is essential for any business, Office PLM software gives businesses the tools to build compliance into their everyday processes through automation, documentation, and quality assurance.


Because we consolidate many different important functions onto a single platform, Office PLM software can help reduce compatibility issues and eliminate the need to purchase many different software apps to perform new tasks.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Unbeatable price for a full featured PLM with integrations to CAD, MS-Office and ERP. No consulting and expensive implementation process allowed us to be up and running in a few days. The Automated Workflow keeps our data moving and accurate every step along the way from WIP to Release and handoff to manufacturing. The BOM compare tool and CAD Check-In Options has saved us countless hours resolving past issues. The Automated ECO process is amazing! I highly recommend Office PLM and their Team, they have years of experience, and the product is made and supported in the USA.

We are a small manufacturing operation with little admin support and IT budget. Office PLM fits our needs perfect. The price for all the features is very affordable for our small staff. Office PLM is easy to install and setup. We were able to use it straight out of the box! They have some great tools like CAD Check-In, BOM Compare and Auto ECO that save us hours of labor from our Engineering staff. Office PLM does the job of 3 people. We would be lost without it.